Chris Bradley, Partner, Duncan Cotterill, Solicitors, Auckland, New Zealand

“Mark. I think this is a good outcome for (sic) my client .... because she can move on and spend what years she has left without the trauma of the litigation and prospect of financial ruin. I want to thank you for your approach in this and help to get to an outcome that fortunately puts this whole saga behind (sic) my client. Good luck with the rest of your settlements."

"In this I found dealing with Mark Saunders much more satisfactory than my dealings with the developer’s lawyers and we were able to negotiate something (sic) my client could move on with.”



David Penberthy - Project Manager

"In all my dealings with Mark over the last 18 months I have been impressed with his knowledge, professional approach and balanced viewpoint. These skills played a major part in being able to reach a successful conclusion to a very complex dispute in frustrating and difficult circumstances. This success has allowed a dear friend of mine to put the stress and anxiety of the last several years behind her, so that she can again enjoy life."