Getting to YES” ‘Negotiating an Agreement without giving in.’ Roger Fisher & William Ury 1981 Random House.
This seminal text formed the basis of many courses and presentations on the art of ‘Negotiation’. It is as relevant today as when it was first published.

Mediation” ‘Principle, Process, Practice’ Boulle, Goldblatt, Green; 2nd New Zealand edition Lexis Nexis 2008.
This text by Australian and New Zealand authors provides the basis for the Massey University course of study in ‘Dispute Resolution’ and is a foundation text for any kiwi wanting to know more about the mediation process.

Negotiation” Lewicki, Barry, Saunders 5th Edition (International) McGraw-Hill/Irwin 2006.
This book is my ‘ADR’ bible. It is chock full of information and ideas. It examines a raft of issues, many of which may seem obvious, but most of which we don’t think about as deeply as we should. Every aspect of negotiation is covered in detail and in a way, which will make you rethink your ideas about the way we communicate.

Mediating Dangerously” Dr Kenneth Cloke 1st edition Jossey-Bass 2001.
This book brought about a “new vision” of the art of conflict resolution., and looks into the “heart and soul” of mediation.

The Crossroads of Conflict” ‘A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution’ Dr Kenneth Cloke Janis Publications 2006.
This book develops the themes of Dr Cloke’s earlier works and suggests that all conflicts are “crossroads” and catalysts for learning, evolution, growth and wisdom. It shows how to locate beyond the root sources of conflict and remove the barriers to reconciliation, collaboration and community.

Conflict Revolution” ‘Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism’ Dr Kenneth Cloke Janis Publications 2008.
Ken Cloke’s ‘Conflict Resolution’ is a powerful and comprehensive argument for justice, harmony and common sense. It grapples with the heart and soul of human relationships on an individual, group, race, creed and international level. It forces the reader to think deeply about how we react as human beings, races and countries towards conflicting views and opinions. It also provides inspirational insight and answers about how to resolve conflict and disputes at every level.