Alternative Dispute Resolution Design

All organisations and businesses run into differences and disputes of one type or another, frequently on a daily basis. The bigger the organisation and the greater the number of people or customers, the greater the opportunity for differences, complaints, misunderstandings and disputes.

Even small businesses employing just a few people can nevertheless encounter serious problems and challenges to the relationships with the people they deal with.

These can be both internal and external. Internal disputes can and do arise between individual staff members, departments and management and workers.

Externally they arise with suppliers, customers, service providers and even local or national government agencies.

There is now an increasing awareness and recognition that all of these disputes carry a significant cost factor both in terms of time and energy on the one hand, and often lost opportunities and legal costs on the other.

‘ADR Design’ provides a two-step process to minimising the number and consequences of these disputes.

It first identifies the causes and nature of the conflicts, how they arise and are dealt with by the organisation and its employees or members.

Then, using normal organisational design models, it designs purpose built processes and systems for identifying and dealing with the conflict. These processes provide a framework that ensures conflicts are recognised early, addressed and responded to and then resolved in a positive manner that strengthens, enhances and reinforces the relationship.

We will assess your organisation and design a purpose built system to reflect your particular challenges and issues, and in doing so improve both the way in which conflict is managed and the success of those management outcomes.